AE Notables: 4.17

(Aspiring Everything notes the things of the Internet world that was barely noticed because of the media spinning the same stories all the time. Notables provoke thought, laughter, rage, tears and so much more. Shedding a light unto what was left in the darkness is liable to incite feelings you never knew.)

1. “I Luh God” by Erica Campbell

Atlanta’s influence on the music industry has extended to the world of gospel. With Yung Thug-esque ad libs backing her up, Erica Campbell opens a new genre: Trap Gospel. Some may say the beat is too secular. Others might think Erica is denying divine order. But I say she’s making a smart move. She’s using very influential tools to deliver her own message. At the base, people will listen for the beat – then soon the words will catch on and might influence their lives. The same process happens with the secular Atlanta Trap sound that’s on every radio station.

My only problem is the appropriation. It irks me when people who aren’t from Atlanta come for the sound. Get your own!

2. Eric Harris Killed by a Play-Play Cop

If you haven’t heard about Eric Harris by now, it’s probably because you were distracted by Walter Scott. The video above shows Eric Harris being run down by police and then killed when one policeman mistakes a gun for a taser. He says his apologies, Eric Harris says he’s losing breath and another officer voices his apathy. “Fuck your breath!”

The “officer” who shot Harris actually isn’t one. Instead he’s an insurance executive who donates equipment to the Tulsa County Police Force and in turn is able to play cop for a day. And he isn’t the only one! Now I’ve heard of every type of white person killing black people without consequence but to know that 73-year old Robert Bates paid for the opportunity makes me sick.

3. Bebe’s Kids on Netflix!!!

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.52.41 PM

This movie was one of my faves as a youngin so when I heard Netflix added it to it’s database, I immediately ( more like waited til I got home and had work to put off) logged on and clicked on the title. But what started as nostalgia actually ended up an awakening. Well maybe not as dramatic, but I saw meaning in this movie, damn the 25% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This movie serialized the criminalization of black children. Especially those living in the conditions forced upon Bebe’s Kids.

Sure, they were bad, but what kid wasn’t rebellious? All they needed was guidance from someone who cared. Not to be chased and stifled by amusement park security guards. But seriously tho, who hired them? In this movie, I saw the dehumanization that almost every Black person faces and the denial of youth for Black children – even if that’s not necessarily the moral of the animated story. Check it for yourself and tell me what you think.

4. Conscious Redneck Speaks on White Culture

This man is proud of his redneck status, but not so proud about the racist ways of white culture. In this video, he breaks down racism as a default feature of white culture. Nothing he says will likely surprise Black people, except his encouragement of “white social responsibility”.

This video has gone around the net, but I felt the need to share it because of how important his speech is. A lot of white people ignore these words when they come from Black people, so the hope is that a more “familiar” face will reach their soul.

Also, I love when he turns up at 3:16. “By God, YOU BETTER FUCKING SEE COLOR!” Can the church say Amen?


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