Out N About SnapStory: Harry Potter Nerdom!!!

This past weekend – 11.18 & 11.19 – I leveled up in the world …. the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!


Yes, I am a Potterhead. I’ve always managed to keep my nerdisms confined to comforts of my room and conversations with selective friends. This weekend’s level up came in my exposure to the outer world of Harry Potter nerds. And when I tell you this was Nerd Heaven? You gotta trust it’s not just because of my noob eyes.

Markster Con Productions hosted two Potter-inspired events this weekend: Potter Pub Crawl and Atlanta Wizard’s Ball #3. I volunteered for both (FREE ENTRY FTW!!!) and delved deep into it all once I no longer had shifts.

Everybody everywhere had costumes! Costumes and paraphernalia. Costumes, paraphernalia and unbridled excitement let me know I was where I needed to be. That watching Harry Potter while sitting at a bar was no biggie! Honestly, it gets me excited just writing about it.

The video below shows my snap story through the Atlanta Wizard’s Ball. Once I saw how dedicated people are with their costumes at the pub crawl, I knew I had to make some sort of effort for the ball – notwithstanding my noob level. So I grabbed my college graduation gown and turned it inside out for my robe.

2 hours into the ball, I took my neck scarf and made it a head wrap. This was my accidental transformation into Professor Quirrell. AND people asked me for pictures! Not bad for a first time lol.

Anyway, watch the video below for a look into an amazing night. I captured a lot before my phones died.


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