Upfront Series: Shooting Your Shot

Written by Ollie

Rejection. Even writing the aforementioned word makes me clench my teeth and shrug off a slight shiver. Any category of persons who care for you (friends, family members, mentors), as well as the ever-flowing “self-help” section in bookstores (yes, they still exist), elaborate on the necessity of this primordial occurrence for exponential growth. Often deemed as natural to life. All a part of the road to success. To the positive and uplifting sentiments, I agree…but more so, find the action in need of, dare I say, an embrace.




We, as humans, have a tendency to shy away from obstacles. Conflicts. Arguments. Truths. Predicted unfavorable results. The lot. In preparing ourselves for the worst possible outcome, we exude too much energy and time into a situation. Time spent on these energy-consuming moments could be used in more valuable areas of our lives.

Did I lose you? Okay. Example time:

Let’s say I am thinking of switching careers. Instead of sending out quality resumes/cover letters, or drafting some bomb business plan, I stagnate in the “what if” phase (What if: My plan doesn’t work? I tank my interviews? I need to stay in my current role?), I’ll never see any results, due to MY OWN personal qualms.




“Shoot Your Shot” is not only applicable in romantic environments. Shoot for exchanging information at a networking event. Shoot for actually attending said networking event. Shoot for being the calmer person, or better listener, in a conversation. Shoot for devising what YOU want out of life, and holding yourself accountable. Shoot for being clear, concise, and fair regarding intentions and desired results.

Chances are crucial to creating our life experiences. Honestly. Truly. Opportunities have to be made; opportunities have to be taken. Thoroughly thinking on a situation shows pause, and is only natural. I’m encouraging you to go beyond the safe instinct causing you to remain “intact,” which is only calling you to protect yourself from what may, or may not, occur.

Seriously. Climb over yourself and finally start living in a realm of existence where you truly, honestly, shoot your shot.

Shoot and miss? Try, try again.






What do you think?

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