Seeds of 2016: Let That Shit Grow

The Seeds:

Started A Business. Performed Poetry. Wrote A Collection of Poems. Recorded My Passion. Cultivated My Circle. Gained Closure. Fell In Love. Found Genuine Connection. Cleared My Sexual Energy. Practiced Yoga & Meditation. Gained Better Coping Habits. Excelled in retail Received Bonuses and Recognition. Lifted My Own Spirits. Accomplished My Goals. Expanded Social Media Influence. Recognized True Friends & Supporters. Cultivated Fruitful Connections & Collaborations. Thrived Outside of My Comfort Zone. Tried Out A Couple of Careers. Created Safe, Fun, & Comfortable Spaces to Discuss & Learn About Sex. Hosted Parties. Planned & Executed My First Public Event. Made Money. Gained Two Best Friends. Found Value In Genuine Social Interactions. Realized My Value. Supported The Fuck Out of My Friends. Rebuilt My Creative Expression. Re-Opened My Heart To Love. Explored Various Sexual Attractions. Deepened Spiritual Inclinations. Met My Spirit Guide & Guardian Spirit. Awakened to the Spiritual & Physical World Around Me. Traveled to My Birth City. Deepened Established Connections. Fasted from Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, Social Media & Toxic Behaviors. Saved Money. Let of Toxic Thinking, Habits & Relationships. Planned My Future. Envisioned My Success. Rekindled Old Friendships. Became Comfortable Saying No. Tried New Food. Adopted a Healthier Diet. Broke Out Of  Isolating Perspectives. Accepted Myself. Lived In My Truth. Rebuilt Boundaries. Stood My Ground. Defended My Beliefs. Held Myself Accountable for Upholding My Values. Meditated On Issues Outside of Myself. Spoke & Acted in Solidarity. Gained New Understanding of My Existence. Grew The Fuck Up. Matured Exponentially. Drove Long Distances. Held Groundbreaking Conversations. Met Old & New Family Members. Became a better Aunt, Sister, daughter, Cousin, Niece. Decided To Present My Full Truth. Broke Past Other’s Expectations. Kept Track of My Finances. Taught & Connected with Children. Realized & Accepted My Natural Inclinations. Found Passion. Faced My Challenges. Learned from Others Around Me. Perceived New Things. Experienced New Levels of Care, Compassion & Understanding. Learned Patience. New Breathing Techniques. Guided My Future. Advised Friends & Family. Received Constructive Advice. Displayed Self Control. Rested When Necessary. Cut the Weight off My Locs. Learned Forgiveness. Listened to Intuition. Connected With My Higher Self. Appreciated My Own Company. Laughed with Others. Made Myself Laugh. Discovered New Music that Expanded My Mind & Spirit. Cultivated New Ideas. Prepared for Upcoming Challenges. Grew in Communication. Realized My Power. Experimented. Wrote Stories & Posts (Coming Soon). Defined My Wants & Needs. Connected with Nature. Had Peaceful Vacations. Accepted Responsibilities. Made My Mind Up. Chose Me Over Others. Started & Maintained a #GoalsSquad. Refreshed Old Commitments. Transformed Working Methods. Cooked New Dishes. Became A Mentor. Opened My Heart. Learned Chakras. Took Long Soothing Baths. Received Unwavering Support from Friends & Family. Made People Laugh, Think & Feel. Evaluated Self. Humbled Self. Apologized for My WrongDoing. Forgave Others. Forgave Me. Released Guilt & Anger. Cultivated My Happiness. Explored My Interests. Dug Deeper Into My Essence. Gained Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem. Fell in Love with My Body & My Reflection. Made Gains In The Realm of Self Care & Self Love. Connected With Communities. Watched Great TV. Rose in Truth. Became More Vulnerable. Accepted My Crazy. Realized My Sanity. Spoke to My Creator. Cultivated My Style. Took Risks. Gained Big. Ate Good. Drank Well.


What do you think?

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