Masturbation Tips: Getting To The Big O

Continuing with the National Masturbation Month Celebration, I’m going to bless y’all with tips to optimize your experience. Optimize with an emphasis on the letter “O”.


The masters of solo sex know the methods that’ll guarantee an orgasm – each and every time. Newbies might fumble due to nerves and casual solo-sexers are somewhere in between. Whether you’re new to the world of self-pleasure, could use some tactics or checking to see if you still got it, this list is meant to keep you in the loop.

Here are some tips to guarantee that big finish.



You are in charge of pleasing yourself, but this is not a job. The ideas that you HAVE to be the best, that you HAVE to orgasm, and that you HAVE to have the best time of your life adds nothing but stress. Take that stress, take a deep breath and breathe all of that out. Now that you are relaxed, you can start to connect with yourself. That’s the most important part.

According to Cosmo, a good tip for relaxation is setting enough time and ensuring enough privacy so you won’t get interrupted. Turn off your electronics, block out the outside world and take your time.

2. Engage Your Mind

The brain is the biggest sex organ, so keep it engaged! Just like with partner sex, masturbation can’t meet your expectations if you’re not fully present. Use your imagination to play out your wildest fantasy. Read some erotica. Or pull up a porn flick on your laptop. Whichever way you go, you’ll be so enticed that touching yourself is the only way to go.

3. Explore & Tease Your Hot Spots

You have the power to arouse your entire body, not just your genitalia. Dig a little deeper and explore other erogenous zones. Applying the right touch to your lips, neck, breasts and thighs can heighten sensations before you get to touch the hottest spot of all.

Read this fun guide for more info about male and female erogenous zones.

4. Try Different Positions

While laying on your back is the classic move, feel free to please yourself from any angle. If you expect diversity from your partner, why not hold yourself to the same standards? Have some fun with your body by moving it around. You combine benefits of exercise with orgasmic pleasure.

Check out this list of moves for inspiration.

5. Use Lubricant … and a Toy!

A common misconception is that lubricant is only for women who have trouble getting wet naturally. However, according to a recent study, almost half of men and women who use lubricant reach the big O faster than before. That’s right. The wetter we are, the smoother the pleasure ride.

Where lubricant provides ease, toys increase intensity. Though it’s not recommended to start your love sesh with intense vibrations, bringing a toy in mid-action will give you a big finish. From vaginal to clitoral to g-spot, there are different types of vibrators, each suped up to customize your experience.

Pure Romance offers a variety of toys that’ll electrify your experience.


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