Black Panther is Lit : Why Must You Hate?

You'd think the Haters would mind their business, but nope! When it comes to Blackness, everyone thinks they deserve a say.

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Weekly Wisdom Reading 2.11. – 2.17

From my deck of Celestial Wisdom Cards, I read the universal energy of each week. The week of 2/11/18 looks promising with elevated energy.

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#SpiritTings: Embrace Your SuperPower

I wanted to wait before bringing this lesson to light, but Spirit had other plans for me this week. I faced a challenge from which I tried to run, as habit would have me do. Turning around and returning to play my divine role brought insight for me to relearn.

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Masturbation Tips: Getting To The Big O

Continuing with the National Masturbation Month Celebration, I'm going to bless y'all with tips to optimize your experience. Optimize with an emphasis on the letter "O". The masters of solo sex know the methods that'll guarantee an orgasm - each and every time. Newbies might fumble due to nerves and casual solo-sexers are somewhere in... Continue Reading →

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