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Masturbation Tips: Getting To The Big O

Continuing with the National Masturbation Month Celebration, I’m going to bless y’all with tips to optimize your experience. Optimize with an emphasis on the letter “O”. The masters of solo sex know the methods that’ll guarantee an orgasm – each and every time. Newbies might fumble due to nerves and casual solo-sexers are somewhere in…… Continue reading Masturbation Tips: Getting To The Big O

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The Benefits of Masturbation

May is National Masturbation Month, and Aspiring Everything is happy to celebrate!! Masturbation is the act on pleasing oneself. The definition seems simple enough, but the act is packed with so many benefits, techniques and variety that having one month dedicated to it may not be enough. So I add to the celebration of posts with…… Continue reading The Benefits of Masturbation

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Seeds of 2016: Let That Shit Grow

The Seeds: Started A Business. Performed Poetry. Wrote A Collection of Poems. Recorded My Passion. Cultivated My Circle. Gained Closure. Fell In Love. Found Genuine Connection. Cleared My Sexual Energy. Practiced Yoga & Meditation. Gained Better Coping Habits. Excelled in retail Received Bonuses and Recognition. Lifted My Own Spirits. Accomplished My Goals. Expanded Social Media…… Continue reading Seeds of 2016: Let That Shit Grow

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The Manure of 2016: Let That Shit Go

The Manure: Depression. Suicidal Thoughts. Uncovered Trauma. Agency Abuse. Gave Away My Power. Shattered Through Heartbreak. Broke Some Hearts. Shut the World Out. Cried / Sobbed / Cracked Over A Lost Friendship. Sent my dog off to a new home. Suffered in Retail. Lost Too Much Money. Spent Too Much Money. Got Fired. Overworked. Disrespected.…… Continue reading The Manure of 2016: Let That Shit Go

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Out N About SnapStory: Harry Potter Nerdom!!!

This past weekend – 11.18 & 11.19 – I leveled up in the world …. the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!! Yes, I am a Potterhead. I’ve always managed to keep my nerdisms confined to comforts of my room and conversations with selective friends. This weekend’s level up came in my exposure to the outer world of…… Continue reading Out N About SnapStory: Harry Potter Nerdom!!!