Upfront Series: Shooting Your Shot

Written by Ollie Rejection. Even writing the aforementioned word makes me clench my teeth and shrug off a slight shiver. Any category of persons who care for you (friends, family members, mentors), as well as the ever-flowing "self-help" section in bookstores (yes, they still exist), elaborate on the necessity of this primordial occurrence for exponential... Continue Reading →


The Rachel Dolezal Controversy: Less Answers, More Questions

Written by Ollie NOTE TO READER Please read the list below before continuing with this article...or hurt feelings may ensue. END NOTE People who do not have a RIGHT to be in an uproar about the Rachel Dolezal situation: People (white, black, brown, Puerto Rican, Haitian, talking cow, sausage with a soul...all "TCG" characteristics and... Continue Reading →

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