#RidingTheVybz: Kendrick Lamar | “The Blacker The Berry”

By Shalom Little Peace. Kendrick Lamar is a phenomenal artist - one of the few mainstream contemporaries who continues to challenge himself and experiment with his craft sonically and consciously. His┬ásong "The Blacker The Berry" is the latest┬átestament to his creative development. The musical production and arrangement of "The Blacker The Berry" is impeccable; Boi-1da... Continue Reading →


#RidingTheVybz: Joey Bada$$ | B4.Da.$$

Written by Shalom Little "Before the money, there was love But before the money, it was tough Then came the money through a plug It's a shame this ain't enough, yo" - Joey Bada$$ (from the song "Paper Trail$") Peace. The intro quoted above, from the third track of Joey Bada$$' debut album, sums up... Continue Reading →

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