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#RidingTheVybz: Kendrick Lamar | “The Blacker The Berry”

By Shalom Little Peace. Kendrick Lamar is a phenomenal artist – one of the few mainstream contemporaries who continues to challenge himself and experiment with his craft sonically and consciously. HisΒ song “The Blacker The Berry” is the latestΒ testament to his creative development. The musical production and arrangement of “The Blacker The Berry” is impeccable; Boi-1da…… Continue reading #RidingTheVybz: Kendrick Lamar | “The Blacker The Berry”

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#RidingTheVybz: Joey Bada$$ | B4.Da.$$

Written by Shalom Little “Before the money, there was love But before the money, it was tough Then came the money through a plug It’s a shame this ain’t enough, yo” – Joey Bada$$ (from the song “Paper Trail$”) Peace. The intro quoted above, from the third track of Joey Bada$$’ debut album, sums up…… Continue reading #RidingTheVybz: Joey Bada$$ | B4.Da.$$

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Riding The Vybz: D’Angelo & The Vanguard | “Black Messiah”

Written by Shalom Little. The idea of a Black messiah has been the topic of discussion over the past two years due to the raised awareness of systemic violence and discrimination we as Black people face daily. Maybe it is a Black messiah that renowned musician D’Angelo has been searching for the past 14 years…… Continue reading Riding The Vybz: D’Angelo & The Vanguard | “Black Messiah”