Black Panther is Lit : Why Must You Hate?

You'd think the Haters would mind their business, but nope! When it comes to Blackness, everyone thinks they deserve a say.

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AE Notables 10.29: Make Some Noize

Normally AE Notables feature multiple subjects worthy of our attention, but today I choose to highlight something too big to fit into a one paragraph summary in a post shared with others. Black Noize Media represents more than a cool thing of the Internets. Thus its revolutionary existence should be celebrated alone. So What Is... Continue Reading →

AE Notables 9.11 : Music Celebration

Music constantly updates itself, thanks to internet access. Sometimes it's hard for me to stay caught up so I tend to stick with what I know - the safe and well-known sounds of yester-year. Yes I called it yester-year. No, yester-year doesn't stay the same. I'm not the 50-year old relative holding one to the ONE... Continue Reading →

AE Notables: 4.17

(Aspiring Everything notes the things of the Internet world that was barely noticed because of the media spinning the same stories all the time. Notables provoke thought, laughter, rage, tears and so much more. Shedding a light unto what was left in the darkness is liable to incite feelings you never knew.) 1. "I Luh God"... Continue Reading →

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