Too Fucking Nice

There’s a such thing as being too fucking nice and I’ve yet to find my balance in it.


Riding The Vybz: D’Angelo & The Vanguard | “Black Messiah”

Written by Shalom Little. The idea of a Black messiah has been the topic of discussion over the past two years due to the raised awareness of systemic violence and discrimination we as Black people face daily. Maybe it is a Black messiah that renowned musician D'Angelo has been searching for the past 14 years... Continue Reading →

It Was Awesome … Well, Kind Of

  Recently Jada Pinkett-Smith made a status on her Facebook page (which was picked up by Sinuous Magazine) that has been gaining prevalence on social networking sites (well, in my circles anyway). The quote is being shared, liked, tweeted, and reblogged so often that my roommate, who has no Tumblr blog and certainly does not... Continue Reading →

I Refuse to Fight This Fight

I recently came to the jarring realization that my boyfriend derails most of my conversations. Regardless of the topic. This is a problem. Not only because of the rudeness but because of what it represents: misogyny and patriarchy, both descendants of white supremacy wrapped into one. But the confusing and incredibly frustrating thing about it is, my boyfriend... Continue Reading →

Notables of the Week: Must-See Documentaries

Capable of capturing the attention of many, engaging individuals, and provoking thought. This is a description that some may doubt could apply to anything found on the internet. For those in that category, I question your browsing experiences. The World Wide Web is expansive enough to provoke every emotion you could ever feel in life.... Continue Reading →

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