You Ain’t, I Ain’t, We Ain’t Shit

In the world of romance, it's time we start claiming the shit that comes out of our own ass.

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Seeds of 2016: Let That Shit Grow

The Seeds: Started A Business. Performed Poetry. Wrote A Collection of Poems. Recorded My Passion. Cultivated My Circle. Gained Closure. Fell In Love. Found Genuine Connection. Cleared My Sexual Energy. Practiced Yoga & Meditation. Gained Better Coping Habits. Excelled in retail Received Bonuses and Recognition. Lifted My Own Spirits. Accomplished My Goals. Expanded Social Media... Continue Reading →

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The Manure of 2016: Let That Shit Go

The Manure: Depression. Suicidal Thoughts. Uncovered Trauma. Agency Abuse. Gave Away My Power. Shattered Through Heartbreak. Broke Some Hearts. Shut the World Out. Cried / Sobbed / Cracked Over A Lost Friendship. Sent my dog off to a new home. Suffered in Retail. Lost Too Much Money. Spent Too Much Money. Got Fired. Overworked. Disrespected.... Continue Reading →

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Out N About: New Year, Same Struggle Community Panel

Last Thursday (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s actual birthday), I attend a community panel discussion organized by The Gen Y Project, a local community organization. The discussion was one part of Gen Y's participation in New Year, Same Struggle: National Day of Action Against Police Violence. They also rallied At Georgia State University and marched to city hall... Continue Reading →

Graduation: Is It Really Our Time to Shine?

It's that time of the year again: graduation season. Primary schoolers are graduating from pre-K and high school while the collegiate scholars are celebrating the completion of their degrees through commencements across the nation. For every high school and college graduation, you watch as the graduates experience ambivalent feelings of relief from their institution and... Continue Reading →

I Refuse to Fight This Fight

I recently came to the jarring realization that my boyfriend derails most of my conversations. Regardless of the topic. This is a problem. Not only because of the rudeness but because of what it represents: misogyny and patriarchy, both descendants of white supremacy wrapped into one. But the confusing and incredibly frustrating thing about it is, my boyfriend... Continue Reading →

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