Too Fucking Nice

There’s a such thing as being too fucking nice and I’ve yet to find my balance in it.


A Salute to Tauheed Epps

You may or may not be a fan of 2Chainz, but if you can't respect him as an artist then you must not know his story. Many people know that Tauheed Epps began his career as Tity Boi in the duo Playaz Circle. But there are many people who do not know that he has been in the... Continue Reading →

It Was Awesome … Well, Kind Of

  Recently Jada Pinkett-Smith made a status on her Facebook page (which was picked up by Sinuous Magazine) that has been gaining prevalence on social networking sites (well, in my circles anyway). The quote is being shared, liked, tweeted, and reblogged so often that my roommate, who has no Tumblr blog and certainly does not... Continue Reading →

I Refuse to Fight This Fight

I recently came to the jarring realization that my boyfriend derails most of my conversations. Regardless of the topic. This is a problem. Not only because of the rudeness but because of what it represents: misogyny and patriarchy, both descendants of white supremacy wrapped into one. But the confusing and incredibly frustrating thing about it is, my boyfriend... Continue Reading →

122. Save Hope or Push to Vote?

Changes are being made to the HOPE Scholarship. And students are not happy about it at all. Matter of fact, a Save Hope Rally is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, March 2 at 9am on Georgia State University campus. Although this rally will be happening in the middle of the Spring Break for GSU students,... Continue Reading →

114. Parents & Exes: Why They Shouldn’t Mix

We've all had that one significant other who was so significant to us that they became significant to our parents. They may have each other's numbers in their phones. They may have separate conversations the do not include you. Your significant other could have also become significant to your siblings, cousins, grandparents, etc. But what... Continue Reading →


According to an 11 alive online article I read today, twelve Dekalb County schools are to be closed within the next year. Included in the number are Avondale Middle School and Avondale High School, the only two non-elementary schools on the list for proposed closings. The county's Interim School Superintendent Ramona Tyson, who presented the proposal, states... Continue Reading →

108. Valentine’s Day.

The notorious Valentine's Day is only a week away and by now, people are pretty much set in terms of their attitude and plans for the day. As every year, this year there are people who are anti-Valentine's Day who will plan to wear black on the day so as to affirm their blatant annoyance... Continue Reading →

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