Too Fucking Nice

There’s a such thing as being too fucking nice and I’ve yet to find my balance in it.


127. Thought for the Day

Don't let your internal struggles affect your external demeanor. Your external demeanor affects the general mood of those around you. Just like wet blankets, it can bring everyone down.

121. Random Acts of Kindness.

Random acts of kindness have been happening so frequently lately and it makes my faith in humanity grow. It lets me know that I do have a heart. And that people's ideas about me are only based on what I choose to show.Acts of kindness do not have to be broadcast. It's actually the boasting... Continue Reading →

117. It’s the Little Things…

It's the little things that receiving compliments on things that mostly nobody notices.or being told the good personality traits on which no one else speaks.surprise visits and random texts.and they count so much because they don't happen too often.

110.Yes, Girl !

Girl Talk. Isn't it grand? We spill the details of our lives. We bond as we share common experiences. We build each other up through advice. We teach each other through differing experiences. The best thing about girl talk is that we can just let out all of our fears and desires without much destructive... Continue Reading →

107. The Dating Game

"Sometimes people treat you the way they THINK you're treating them, and that's all types of bad." - Jozen Cummings on twitter.Yes it is all the way bad. Most people have the attitude that they will not put any more effort into trying to date someone than the other person puts in. But this is a... Continue Reading →

106. Today I Will

Today I will keep a positive attitude and operate in love. I will go to work with a smile, not with a "debbie downer" demeanor. I will greet all customers graciously, putting aside any internal fatigue and/or annoyance. Today I will do my best to communicate with God and meditate on acting in accordance with... Continue Reading →

93. And the Cycle Continues…

     You remember in high school when our teachers, parents, aunts, uncles and any other grown person told us that most of our friendships and all of our relationships would soon end shortly after graduation if they had not ended already ended before then?        How many of us were convinced that... Continue Reading →

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