Seeds of 2016: Let That Shit Grow

The Seeds: Started A Business. Performed Poetry. Wrote A Collection of Poems. Recorded My Passion. Cultivated My Circle. Gained Closure. Fell In Love. Found Genuine Connection. Cleared My Sexual Energy. Practiced Yoga & Meditation. Gained Better Coping Habits. Excelled in retail Received Bonuses and Recognition. Lifted My Own Spirits. Accomplished My Goals. Expanded Social Media... Continue Reading →


Upfront Series: Shooting Your Shot

Written by Ollie Rejection. Even writing the aforementioned word makes me clench my teeth and shrug off a slight shiver. Any category of persons who care for you (friends, family members, mentors), as well as the ever-flowing "self-help" section in bookstores (yes, they still exist), elaborate on the necessity of this primordial occurrence for exponential... Continue Reading →


Enjoy these pictures of one of my Costa Rican pets here in my homestay: the only cat with which I've ever interacted. Meet Okami. The reason the next blog post has yet to arrive. She likes to crawl all over my laptop when I need it the most. I've never liked cats but living with... Continue Reading →

What Study Abroad Means to Me

     When a friend of mine asked me on Skype to tell him about my study abroad fundraiser the other day, I responded by telling him about the study abroad program in which I want to participate and the fact that I have to pay out of pocket, even if I am awarded the scholarships for... Continue Reading →

It Spelled Out Love

     There was a period of time in 2010 in which I was so much against love. Maybe not against it, just leaving it alone for a while. I guess I had a little bit Emo influence because I felt that I needed to subtly make this apparent in my appearance. This was around... Continue Reading →

Divine Intervention

This operation has been shut down. Project 365 is being discontinued. Untitled Unlabeled is still a go, but posts will be less frequent and totally different. Thanks for your patience.- Management.

Wait A Minute

Due to technical difficulties (my laptop being burdened with a virus) my postings are not caught up with my days. Never fear, Geri has pen and paper by her side to write daily. It's just the postings are on hold until I am reunited with the lifeline of this blog once more. Thank you for... Continue Reading →

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