Aspiring Everything houses multiple series -a group of posts centered on one theme.  Each theme, too big – or interesting – to fit into one post, can range from books to TV to community event. AE takes pride in the different series. Too proud to let them fade away, we list them for everyone to access:


Recommended Read

This title tells you all you need to know. AE features books guaranteed to capture your mind, heart and/or soul. Each book has cultural importance and can help us (and the world) ascend to a higher place.


Out N About

Life is more than what we know. A good part includes experiences that open our minds to more – whether it’s community issues, brand new music or a different culture. You get a chance to experience the world through AE‘s eyes.


Scandal Feminism

The very existence of ABC’s Scandal contributes to feminism alone. It’s a show written and created by a Black woman, loosely based on the career of a Black woman, with a cast awesomely led by a Black Woman. It’s only fitting that key characters exemplify feminist tropes that broaden women representation. Main female characters are featured in this series, with a focus on their brand of feminism in season four.



The music corner of AE, this series features album and single reviews of the music that tickles our fancy. Started by Contributor, Shalom Little, this series has widened to include the musical tastes of multiple contributors.


AE Notables

AE notes the things of the Internet world barely noticed due to oversaturation of the same stories. Notables provoke thought, laughter, rage, tears and so much more. Shedding a light unto what was left in the darkness is liable to incite feelings you never knew.

With two years under the belt of AE, the need to celebrate long hours, tears, smiles, and much more poured into the posts already published resulted in The Countdown. In the inaugural year, we counted top 15 posts of this blog so far. In years to come (hint hint) we will celebrate the top 15 posts of that year alone.


In the summer before her senior year of college (summer ’12), Ortilla studied abroad in Costa Rica. The experience was life-changing, and so she shared her challenges, triumphs, and astonishment. AE hopes to encourage students to study abroad with this series of posts because the value is immeasurable. Here’s to the inspiration to take a life-changing trip of your own and live to tell the world about it.


The first blog series of AE, Project365 was Ortilla’s declaration to write (and post) every day for 365 days. The idea came from the challenge to take a photo every day for a year. She loved the concept, but couldn’t get with the medium so Project365 was born. The project remains unfinished yet long enough to see the progress in creative writing. This is the personal year of Aspiring Everything.